Holiday Homes

We have permission to build 750-holiday homes, we will offer a wide range of sizes and styles with self-catering and fully serviced accommodation. Because of our big development site, the holiday homes will be ‘low-density’ giving a spacious feel, we want to offer a range of finishes and styles to suit all tastes.

Each building will have different internal configurations starting from studios up to 8 person family or group accommodation. We will also create a few “Super Lodges” for larger groups or for corporate hospitality housing up to 30 people, there will be ample common areas for working, relaxing and dining.

The demand for tree-houses and hot tubs will also be catered for, to ensure all tastes and desires are satisfied. We will secure a national resort operator who will manage all aspects of our estate including bookings, maintenance and cleaning.

All holiday homes will be available as investments through outright purchases, sale-and-leaseback or fractional ownership.