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We have taken a completely new look at the UK resorts market and our resort development feasibility and attractiveness, for people to want to travel to our site it needs to be special!

We have decided that our resort concept will be able to cater for four separate markets and be flexible enough to have key facilities re-tasked depending on season and demand.

We have set out to fill gaps in the market that we feel have not been satisfied while still supplying a suitable product for the established ‘staycation’ market.

We have also negotiated unique partnerships that put our resort on the international stage and give us access to international investment.

Two Areas & Four Concepts

We have split the concepts into “Adults & Children” and “Adult Only” areas.

The two concepts available to “Adults & Children” are;

  • The Family Resort
  • The Community Resort

The two concepts under the “Adults Only” area are;

  • The 5 Star Spa Resort & Hotel
  • The Corporate & Hospitality Resort

Each resort concept will have assets & accommodation that can be re-assigned to other concepts depending on the season and demand.

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